about us

Xtrender.com is a private online community where members participate in online surveys, in-person sessions, and other online activities on topics like:

  • New TV shows
  • Music
  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Trends
  • Other topics important to you!

Xtrender.com members earn points redeemable for e-gift cards for every activity they participate in. You must be 13 to 34 years old to participate in Xtrender.com Click here to see Redemption Instructions and Terms & Conditions

Who We Are:

The Xtrender.com Online Community is managed by Touchstone Research, Inc.. Touchstone Research, Inc. is an independent consumer opinion company not affiliated with any sales organization. Touchstone Research, Inc. manages many online panels and communities of teens, young adults, kids and families for the nation's most reputable companies. We at Touchstone Research, Inc. strive to ensure that Community members feel that they're part of a valuable and meaningful process and that their opinions do count! We govern our business and actions with sensitivity and respect. We attempt to have a positive impact in all our actions and to make participation in the Panel enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding.

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